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Wonton mee that inspires gratitude

Salt-baked chicken

Chicken rasam to clear the sinuses

A guide to making charsiu at home

A pot of celebratory angzao chicken

Sotong masak hitam, or squid cooked in its own ink

Homemade red glutinous rice wine and lees

A tortilla de patatas x begedil mashup!

Seasonings Sessions

Fried fish with ginger and soy sauce

Beef smore pie

Chicken dum biryani

Wontons, part II

Wontons, part I

Ivan Brehm: On how keeping tradition static is a surefire way to kill it.

Chicken essence

I made my dream pandan chiffon cake!!

Pulut hitam

Jimmy Teo: On why cooking is the best thing you & I can do to keep hawker heritage alive.

Adobo fried rice

Pork belly adobo

Kok Sen big prawn hor fun

Assam fish

Vegetarian beehoon

Walnut butter cake

Yi Buah

Eurasian chicken pie

Coffee pork ribs

Teochew chestnut chicken

Malay cake (ma lai gou)

Babi pongteh

Peach gum dessert soup

Dona Manis banana pie

Fish porridge, 2 ways

Sotong masak hitam

Chicken macaroni soup

One duck, two dishes

Orh nee


Nasi briyani

Achar huan cheo

Sarang burong

Golden dragon chicken

Rempah udang

Prawn bostador

Gingko, barley, & yuba dessert soup

Paper-wrapped chicken

Shredded chicken & century egg porridge

Wasabi prawns

Nasi lemak

Kari kapitan

Sugee cake

Sambal eggplant

Ang ku kueh

Auntie Rasmidah's mee siam kering (dry mee siam)

Chicken dum biryani

Chicken peratel

Kang kong masak lemak

Pork & lotus root soup

Lor mai gai

Min jiang kueh

Black bean bittergourd & pork

Kecap manis dishes


Begedils with minced beef

Fried carrot cake

Cincalok omelette


Soy braised dishes

Indian breads


Steamed dishes

Gong bao chicken

Dishes made with canned food!

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Cooking with Chinese medicinal herbs

What I've been up to & a May cookalong recap

It's nearly Dumpling Festival!

A chat with Shameen Akbar

Papaya and peach gum soup

A nourishing, lung-moistening soup

75: On 'Singaporean chicken curry' and moving beyond singularity | Vasunthara Ramasamy, Culinary Teacher & Masterchef Singapore

74: Making sustainability and reducing food wastage mainstream | Preston Wong, CEO and lead innovator of Treatsure

On lobster noodles

73: Supporting farmers and discovering the diversity of Southeast Asian produce | Evelyn Yap, Chef & Founder of Happivore

72: The book publisher who goes to the wet market | Edmund Wee, Publisher & CEO of Epigram Books

A chat with Brigette Woodworth

71: The ungroundedness and homesickness of overseas Singaporeans | Christopher Ng, blogger of Christopher’s Asian Delicacies

Samsui chicken

A chat with Jackie Ngui

70: The diversity, beauty, and healthfulness of the Malay diet | Khir Johari, researcher and author of The Food of Singapore Malays

Fried rice paradise, part III

69: Building the bridge between traditional food culture and Gen Zs | Christy Chua and Tan Aik, founder & editorial director and editor-in-chief of The Slow Press

Fried rice paradise, part II

68: An impassioned argument for home-cooking | Christopher Tan, writer, author of The Way of Kueh, and culinary instructor

Fried rice paradise, part I

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67: Embracing sustainability in a local food context | Desmond Shen, chef and founder of Tiffin Bicycle Club and Alter Native

Deep-fried, braised pork dishes

A chat with Devonne Niam

66: What Singapore’s prison cooking culture reveals about the human spirit | Sheere Ng, author of When Cooking Was A Crime and co-founder of In Plain Words

A deep-dive: baking pineapple tarts

A deep dive: pineapple tart pastry

65: Rediscovering the vanishing art of fermentation | Rebecca Koh of Midnight Fermentary and Midnight Food Co.

A deep-dive: pineapple jam

A deep-dive: pineapple tarts