Mar 6, 2022 • 54M

72: The book publisher who goes to the wet market | Edmund Wee, Publisher & CEO of Epigram Books

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Pamelia Chia
The Singapore Noodles podcast features host Pamelia Chia, founder of Singapore Noodles, engaging in open, honest conversations with people who are keeping Singaporean food heritage alive in their own ways. Join us to learn about how we can take an active role in preserving and embracing our Singaporean food heritage and culture.
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Edmund Wee: “We don’t get a lot of chances to form relationships with people in our lives – we’re busy, we’re working. And you have to go shopping for your food. You either shop on Red Mart or the supermarket. Why do those two when there’s a third alternative, where you can do your marketing and at the same, you form relationships. Why not? It is so wonderful! So, it’s a no brainer for me to decide to go to the wet market. It is obvious to me to do so.”


Edmund Wee, publisher & CEO of Epigram Books, shares his insights on the book publishing industry, plus: *Wet market tips* *How Epigram started publishing cookbooks* *Epigram’s focus on Singapore and Singaporean stories* *Process of making a book* *Selection process* *Margins in the book publishing business* *Is print dead?* *Why read a book or cookbook?* *Why go to the market* *How wet markets can be improved* *Will wet markets survive?*


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