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I’m Pamelia Chia, a born and bred Singaporean currently living in Breda, the Netherlands. Though I was formerly a professional cook with a background in food science, I am now a cookbook author and writer whose work focuses on Singaporean food traditions and heritage. I’ve written two national bestsellers - my first, Wet Market to Table, sheds light on the wonderful produce from our region, and my second, Plantasia, takes you on a journey through Asia to discover techniques and recipes that will transform the way you cook and think about vegetables. You will also find my work on CNA.

Why Singapore Noodles?

If you’re familiar with Singaporean cuisine at all, your first reaction to the title of this newsletter might be, “Singapore noodles? What even is that!” I had the same reaction when I spotted the dish on menus of Asian restaurants in Melbourne, where I lived for five years. Realising how poorly understood Singaporean food is, I decided to write a newsletter to share about the food that we really eat with a more global audience and cheekily named it after that pseudo-Singaporean dish

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By signing up, you will receive a newsletter from me every week. Some weeks, it might be a deep dive, such as my guide to pineapple tarts. I might be excited about perfecting my pandan chiffon cake or ngoh hiong. Other times, I’d be spilling the beans on my favourite places to eat, share all about my food adventures, or take you into the kitchen of a fellow cook. You might also get updates on the projects that I am working on.

Most importantly, this space allows me to better connect with you! Come hang out, expand your repertoire, deep-dive into Singaporean cooking techniques, and nerd out about the delicious things that our region has to offer.

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Pamelia Chia 

Former chef. Author of the cookbooks Wet Market to Table and Plantasia. Editor of the Singaporean food publication Seasonings Magazine. Born and raised in Singapore, based in the Netherlands. Instagram: @pameliachia / @sgpnoodles