Sitemap - 2021 - Singapore Noodles

Reflecting on 2021 and plans for 2022

64: Answering your questions, and looking ahead to 2022

On feng

63: The kuehs that bring a family together | Gladys Foo, founder of Kuehdys Foo

On eefu noodles

62: The past, present, and future of hawker food | Shen Tan, hawker, chef, and founder of OG Lemak & Ownself Make Chef

On fruitcake

On tempeh

61: Modernizing heritage food to remind us of our roots | Marcus Leow, head of product development at Naked Finn

On India's approach to vegetables

60: What we can learn from India’s approach to vegetables | Sowmiya Venkatesan, founder of Kechil Kitchen

On young jackfruit

59: In memory of a Nonya mother and a fading generation of professional housewives | Sharon Wee, author of Growing Up in a Nonya Kitchen

On oxtail stew

58: Modernizing the spice-blending trade | Anthony Leow, Founder of Anthony the Spicemaker

The recipes in our Deepavali edition

57: On finding joy and feeding your soul | Mandy Yin, founder of Sambal Shiok and author of Sambal Shiok

On glutinous rice balls

56: Creating more seats at the table of Singaporean food culture | Rovik Jeremiah Robert, founder of The Hidden Good, and co-host of the SGExplained podcast

On chap chye

55: Losing the sense of smell and rediscovering the joys of cooking | Chang Pick Yin of @pickyin

54: Transforming vegetables through culinary creativity and ingenuity | Gan Chin Lin of @tumblinbumblincrumblincookie

On braised duck

53: Rethinking consumption and making better food choices | Woo Qiyun, Founder of The Weird and Wild

52: Making cooking accessible without compromising on flavour | Lace Zhang, Author of Around the Dining Table and Three Dishes One Soup

On Indian sweets

51: A deep dive into mooncakes and Chinese pastry | Yeo Min, founder of Pastories

On fresh cheese

50: Showcasing the beauty of Little India | Yugnes Susela, founder of The Elephant Room

On laminated pastry

On lard

49: Understanding nuance in Singaporean food | Sook Yoon Yang, founder of Café Rumah

An open letter

48: Dispelling the myth of the lazy native | Syazwan Majid, founder of Wan’s Ubin Journal

47: Navigating the white gaze and erasure of Asian food culture | Surekha & Alia, Co-Founders of Periuk

46: Harnessing social media to share about Peranakan culture | Krisada Virabhak, Founder of All Things Peranakan

45: Indian food in Singapore, and what makes it distinct from food in India | Dhruv Shanker, Founder of Mad Onion Slicer and the Boring Food Workshops

44: The problem with ‘food influencers’ | Chriss Prowler @prowlergram, Founder of Follow the Farang

43: The thin line between the evolution and bastardization of dishes | Loh Yi Jun, food writer, content creator, and founder of the Take a Bao podcast

42: Coming to grips with the ‘rojak’ nature of Singapore’s people and its food | Sarah Benjamin Huang, content creator, food host, and director of Ethnographica

41: The Bangladeshi food stall with a mission | Lim Boon Kian, founder of Bangla Lim

Behind the scenes of an indie magazine

40: Why kopi and kopitiams deserve celebration and recognition | Robert Chohan, founder of Kopi House UK

39: Jamu, a part of Singaporean food culture | Dana Safia, founder of JAMU by Dana Safia

38: Why we left the hawker trade | Hung Zhen Long & Jason Chua, owners of Beng Who Cooks

37: Seasonings roundtable, the Hari Raya Puasa edition | Hafizah Jainal, Firdaus Sani, Azfar Maswan, Hairil Sukaime, Nor Hadayah, Delfina Utomo, Taahira Booya & Mama Zi

Join us for a Seasonings Roundtable

36: Embracing fermentation in our homes & why it matters | Tan Ding Jie, founder of Starter Culture SG

35: What an Ayurvedic approach to food teaches us about health and wellness | Vasanthi Pillay, founder and president of the Ayurveda Association of Singapore

Step-by-step roti prata guide

34: Transforming weakness to strength | Ken Koh, director and third-generation successor of Nanyang Sauce

On Aussie roti & Singaporean roti prata

33: Keeping Hari Raya Puasa traditions alive | Shamsydar Ani, Masterchef Singapore finalist & cookbook writer

My Mom & I

32: Reconciling our heritage with a desire to do better for the environment | Khee Shi Hui of Tabaogirl

31: Roasted delights, a dying trade | Chong Jin Yuan, hawker chef-owner of Te Bak Kia Roasted

✨Trust the Process✨

30: Casting a spotlight on indigenous produce using art | Syarifah Nadhirah, co-founder of Paperweight Studio and author of Recalling Forgotten Tastes


29: The Cantonese approach to food | Sam Wong, chef and founder of Lucky House Cantonese Private Kitchen

Sydney & SEASONINGS #1

28: Air tangan & cooking from the heart | Nor Hadayah Mohamad, MasterChef Singapore Season 2 contestant

27: A deep dive on rasam, a functional food | Aruna Shanmuga Vadivel (The Everyday Singaporean Series)

26: A deep dive on urap, a Javanese vegetable dish | Hairil Sukaime (The Everyday Singaporean Series)

25: The brokenness of our food system and what we can do about it in Singapore | Toh Hui Ran (The Everyday Singaporean)

24: How foreign domestic workers (FDWs) keep Singaporean food heritage vibrant and alive | Leong Man Wei (The Everyday Singaporean)

My year of yes! 💪🏻

23: Holding onto our cultural identities while living overseas | Tony Tan, writer of Hong Kong Food City and culinary teacher

22: Life as a Hawker Daughter | Felicia Tan (The Everyday Singaporean Series)

On Hakka yong tau foo

21: Preserving humble and everyday Peranakan cooking | Lloyd Matthew Tan, Author of Daily Nonya Dishes

20: Ulam, the superfood of Southeast Asia | Dr Eric Olmedo, Principal Research Fellow at the Institute of Ethnic Studies in Malaysia

Sharing about January

19: What we can learn from the foreign domestic workers in our homes | Benjamin Lim (The Everyday Singaporean Series)

18: What the act of gardening teaches us about cooking | Joanna Chuah, Founder of WWEdibles

17: Challenges and joys in learning from Singapore's elderly | Patricia Chen, Founder of Sekel Kitchen

16: Why food reviewers need to stop romanticizing hawker culture | Gregory Leow, Youtuber and Hawker Editor of Hungrygowhere

15: Putting street food and our hawkers on a pedestal | KF Seetoh, founder of Makansutra