Sitemap - 2020 - Singapore Noodles

The Top 11 Dishes That I Cooked on Singapore Noodles in 2020

14: Reflecting on 2020 and looking ahead to 2021

The 12 Recipes in Our Planner

13: The case for embracing your culture - clothes, food and all | Zaithoon and Taahira Booya, the mother-daughter duo behind Spice Zi Kitchen

The Singapore Noodles 2021 Planner is Here!

12: In praise of Singaporeanness | Denise Fletcher, author of How to Cook Everything Singaporean and executive chef at Quentin’s Bar & Restaurant

11: A discussion on the Violet Oon ‘Peranakan nasi ambeng’ dispute | Azimin Saini, editor of Lifestyle Asia & founder of Tempeh Culture

Pulau Semakau, Not Just a Landfill

10: Pulau Semakau, more than a landfill | Firdaus Sani, founder of Orang Laut Sg

9: Why we cannot blame chefs for shying away from local cuisine | Alastiar Tan, chef at Restaurant Labyrinth

8: Why Filipino food is not what we think it is | Bryan Koh, cookbook writer & co-owner of Chalk Farm & Milk Moons

A Recipe for Murukku To Celebrate Deepavali

7: What the traditional Indian diet has to teach us about healthful eating | Devagi Sanmugam, consultant chef, cookbook author & cooking instructor

Three Ways to Eat More Sustainably

6: Frugality, sustainability and reducing meat consumption | Ethel Hoon, chef at Klösterle & Hoon’s Chinese

5: Drawing on heritage to make vegetables exciting | Shane Stanbridge and C-Y Chia, founders of S+M Vegan and Lion Dance Café

4: Boldly challenging wet market conventions | Jeffrey Tan, founder of Dishthefish

3: Why you should visit your local spice (wo)man at the wet market | Jeya Seelan, founder of Jeya Spices

2: Inspiring a new generation of Singaporeans to care about heritage food | Shiny Phua, designer and founder of Ah Mah’s Legacy

Singapore Noodles 2021 Planner

1: Celebrating diversity in Singapore & why it matters | Damian D’Silva, Chef of Kin at Straits Clan

The Singapore Noodles Podcast: Trailer

Singapore Noodles Planner 2021

The Final #AuntieCookAlong...

A Little About Indian Peranakans & Recipe for #AuntieCookalong 4

Orh Kueh Recipe for #AuntieCookalong 3

Recipes for #AuntieCookalong 1 & 2

Dumpling festival is upon us!